The citizens of the European Union, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland can stay and work in Poland for the first three months only on the basis of their ID cards or passports. Those who plan to stay longer than 3 months are obliged to register their stay in the Voivodeship Office (Urząd Wojewódzki) of the region (voivodeship) where they intend to reside at latest on the next day following the first three months of their stay. 

Third country citizens can enter Poland based on one of the following: 

  • Visa-free movement 
  • Residence card/Visa issued by another Schengen country 
  • Visa to Poland
  • Short-term mobility of researchers (intra-EU mobility)

You can stay in Poland within the periods permitted by the above-mentioned documents. If you intend to stay longer, you are obliged to legalise your stay by obtaining a residence permit (a residence card)


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